Automated Border Control at Madrid and Barcelona updated

Identifies passengers by facial and fingerprint biometrics

The Automated Border Control systems at Madrid-Barajas and Barcelona-El Prat airports have been updated and improved.

The improvements mean:

  • passengers can be identified by facial and fingerprint biometrics
  • the new version is faster and more precise
  • fewer false rejects

This advanced system developed by Indra increases security levels and speeds up border procedures. The improvements introduced in the new version make it possible to carry out biometric verifications faster and more securely, as well as to manage all the systems in a centralised manner from the General Police Department’s Data Processing Centre.

The biometric verification process has been simplified. The system performs facial verification and, depending on the result, decides whether it is necessary to also perform biometric fingerprint verification.

Indra has implemented a centralised management platform that allows the General Police Department, which owns and operates the ABC (Automatic Border Control) system, to remotely control all the systems installed at multiple airports from its Data Processing Centre.

Lastly, a new functionality has been added that allows all the systems to be monitored centrally. A screen displays the status of each system, whether it is active and if there is a technical incident error.

Who can use the new systems?

Citizen of the EU, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, over 18 years old and have an electronic passport or DNI-e.