Automated border control coming soon at Guarulhos in São Paulo

Solution being tested in new terminal and will be installed in international terminals by end of August

Automated border control e-gates will soon be helping Brazilian passengers at GRU Airport – São Paulo International Airport.

In August, Terminals 2 and 3 in Guarulhos (the latter opened on May 11th) will receive the latest Automated Border Control e-gates.

Thee biometric e-gates will allow passengers to use self-service immigration and emigration processes, without the need to interact directly with the Brazilian Federal Police, provided they have a Brazilian electronic passport and are over 18 years old.

This is possible by way of biometric technology that allows for the verification of the authenticity of identification documents, as well as for the facial recognition of the passenger. The whole process is controlled remotely by the Federal Police, which will only intervene if any anomalies occur, thus freeing them for truly risky situations.

How it works

As an alternative to the traditional and manual control of passports, the passenger can go directly to one of the e-gates.

They will only pass if:

  • the passport is authentic
  • the passenger that is using it the real passport holder
  • the person can actually travel (e.g. has no criminal record prohibiting the trip)

Working in self-service mode, the vb i-match® 5 e-Gates focus on passenger experience, with clear instructions, intuitive interfaces and automatic adjustments to each passenger (e.g., its height), capturing their facial image according to international quality standards such as ICAO. The process takes no more than a few seconds, which means a faster and less stressful experience for the passenger.

Luiz Ritzmann, GRU Airport’s IT director:

“Improving the passenger’s experience and the levels of security are priorities for the administration of the GRU Airport. With the growth of demand recorded in the last decade in Brazil, the Airport infrastructure will increasingly require cutting-edge technology and optimized processes, which will streamline the flow of passengers in different areas (check-in, X-ray security, immigration and emigration control, customs and baggage claim). In this context, it is urgent to invest in the modernization of systems and equipment. And that’s what we are doing in Guarulhos.”

The solution, designed by Vision-Box® and customized to meet the challenges of the largest airport in Latin America, is already installed in a proof of concept stage at Terminal 3.

Leidivino Natal da Silva, Managing Director of Vision-Box® Latin America:

 “It is a privilege to be part of a project of this size and relevance for Brazil. The GRU Airport is facing the enormous challenge of accommodating millions of Brazilian passengers per year! And they are responding in the best way: with more security and more innovation! Vision-Box® Automated Border Control technology will match the level of demand, giving a new momentum to this new space.”

Vision-Box has already deployed about 500 Automated Border Control solutions and 3000 digital identity management solutions for biometric capture worldwide.

N.B. Image credit: Vision-Box

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