CLEAR biometric security fast-pass at Las Vegas in summer 2014

10th airport in US to offer the identity verification system

CLEAR will introduce its biometric security fast-pass system at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport (LAS) later this summer, making McCarran the 10th airport in the United States to offer the fee-based identity verification system.

Passengers willing to pay an annual membership fee will be able to go through security checkpoints in less time by using a CLEAR Card that verifies their identity using fingerprint and iris recognition.

Clear, a New York-based technology business, announced that McCarran would be the 10th airport in the country where prescreened members can use their Clear Card to speed through security checkpoints.

The new dedicated members-only security lanes and enrollment kiosks are expected to launch in mid-August in three of McCarran’s checkpoints.

The company says it takes members less than 5 minutes, on average, to get through the airport checkpoints. However, CLEAR members will still be required to go through the security checkpoints.

Service membership costs $179 a year, with an option for members to add a spouse or partner for $50 per year. Meanwhile, there is no cost for members’ children under 18 of members.

McCarran will join nine other airports across the country, including San Francisco, San Jose, Denver, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston Bush, Houston Hobby, San Antonio, Orlando, and Westchester County, New York.

CLEAR has more than 300,000 members across the US who have used its system almost two million times for travel.