British Airways launches Paws & Relax channel

Watching videos of adorable little animals can lower heart rate and reduce stress levels

British Airways has exhausted every last cat and dog pun to launch its latest in-flight entertainment program, which will use man’s best friends in the aim of getting passengers to “paws and relax.”

British Airways launches Paws & Relax channel
Watching cute animals on a long flight can help passengers relax

That’s the name of the airline‘s latest in-flight channel, which will become available on long-haul flights beginning in September.

“Paws and Relax TV came when we were doing some research into different types of content that will help our customers to relax and enjoy their flight,” said Richard D’Cruze in a YouTube video.

“And we discovered some scientific research that proves watching images of cute animals can actually lower your heart rate and reduce stress levels.”

Paws and Relax’s offerings will be selected by content marketing agency Spafax, a company focused on “engaging the consumer in transit”.

Other shows on the channel include animated cartoon ‘Simon’s Cat’, ‘America’s Cutest Dog’ and the BBC’s ‘Secret Life of Cats’, shown below.

Some of the shows’ stars are animals from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home that need rehousing.

Laura Lambert, who is responsible for rehoming and welfare at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, said: “We know that people love watching dogs and cats. They can make you laugh, smile, and cry. They are wonderful companions when you’re feeling anxious or just need a lift, and we believe that British Airways’ Paws & Relax channel will be the perfect way for passengers to sit back and relax.”

British Airways is the latest to tap into the healing powers of animals. Los Angeles Airport unleashed its secret weapon last year in a program dubbed PUP — Operation “Pets Unstressing Passengers. The new breed of airport workers are dispatched to patrol the terminals and sniff out anxious, stressed and tired travelers, and offer up a wet nose and fluffy ears for a quick cuddle.