Hawaiian Airlines home print bag tag trial

Trial on flights from Seattle and Oakland to Hawaiian Islands

Hawaiian Airlines passengers flying from Oakland or Seattle to Hawaii can print their baggage tags at home before heading to the airport during a 60-day trial of a new program called TAG@HOME.

The program is part of Hawaiian Airlines’ web check-in process and is meant to give passengers more options to move through the airport faster.

The service is only available at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and Oakland International Airport for Hawaiian Airlines flights to Honolulu, Kahului, Kona and Lihue.

How it works

To use the service passengers follow a very clear 7-step process:

Step 1: Check-in Online

Step 2: Choose TAG@HOME Option or not

Step 3: Print Baggage Tags on normal paper

Step 4: Pick up a Reusable TAG@HOME Sleeve at the airport

Step 5: Fold the baggage tag according to instructions and insert into the sleeve

Step 6: Attach the Baggage Tag to the checked baggage

Step 7: Drop off Baggage at Web Check-In Bag Drop

There is no fee for the service. Further instructions can be found on the printed baggage tag and on Hawaiian Airlines website.


With TAG@HOME, Hawaiian passengers will experience the benefits of:

  • Reduced wait time at airport lobby
  • Expedited¬†check-in process
  • Faster curb-to-gate experience
  • Convenience & customer satisfaction

N.B. Image credit: Hawaiian Airlines

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