Hawaiian starts roll out its free inflight Wi-Fi

Hawaiian Airlines has started rolling out its free inflight Wi-Fi service.

To get it going the airline has installed the new system on one of its Airbus A321neos.

The actual aircraft, registration N228HA, is not assigned to any route so passengers will be surprised when they make a flight and find out they are flying on the one with the free Wi-Fi.

The first flight with the system was from Honolulu to Long Beach, California. That’s a long flight over water and the Wi-Fi was as good as any found at home.

Hawaiian’s system is free and available from the moment passengers step onboard the aircraft

The speed of Hawaiian’s new in-flight internet service allows streaming, gaming and other connected experiences often enjoyed at home – even while traversing the farthest reaches of the Pacific Ocean.  

Hawaiian plans free Wi-Fi on most aircraft

Hawaiian passengers will be able to use Wi-Fi as fast as at home [Image: Hawaiian]

Hawaiian expects to install the free Wi-Fi system on all its 18 A321neo aircraft by spring, followed by 24 of its A330s by the end of 2024.

Until now Hawaiian didn’t even have any Wi-Fi on board. So to go from nothing to all for free is a big, bold and wonderful step by Hawaiian.

Chris Liebertz, senior director of engineering at Hawaiian Airlines:

“In marrying this best-in-class technology with our authentic Hawaiian hospitality, we are offering our guests a travel experience unlike any other airline flying to and from the Hawaiian Islands.”

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The system is supplied by SpaceX’s Starlink.

Starlink has a large constellation of low-orbiting satellites providing high-speed internet access with minimal delay (know as low-latency).

A small, thin terminal is installed on top of the aircraft. That allows it to receive strong, fast internet signals from the satellites.

The terminal switches connections from satellite to satellite as the aircraft flies, providing an uninterrupted internet experience for passengers.

In addition to Hawaiian, SpaceX has announced Starlink inflight Wi-Fi deals with:

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