Self Bag Drop trial at Cork with Materna

Smoothly integrates into the existing conveyor system

Materna ips has successfully installed a trial version of its latest Self Bag Drop system at Cork Airport in Ireland.

Self Bag Drop trial at Cork
Materna has installed a trial self bag drop at Cork

The airport´s demand included a new system which connects to the DCS (departure control system) ASTRAL from Aerlingus.

Thanks to smooth integration into the existing conveyor system Materna installed a state-of-the-art bag drop kiosk designed by EVANS Airport Solutions using the Materna CUSS application.

As an additional benefit and for safety reasons the baggage is scanned while passing a customized scanner bridge.

All components use modern technology and fulfil valid security standards.

Cork Airport (ORK) is the international gateway to the south of Ireland and Ireland’s second busiest airport after Dublin Airport which is also part of the daa Group of Irish Sate owned airports. Cork Airport manages an average of 7,000 passengers per day, rising to 15,000 during the peak season and up to 60 aircraft movements a day. An average of 2.4 million Passengers use Cork Airport annually, flying to over 50 destinations across Europe.