Gatwick releases new expansion plans

Will make it the 'world's most efficient two-runway airport'

Gatwick releases new plans of airport expansion that it says will make it the ‘world’s most efficient two-runway airport’.

The airport will operate to reflect changing trends in passenger travel and claims that:

  • queues will be eliminated
  • passenger transit through the airport will be sped up
  • aircraft turn-around will match the quickest in the world

The design has been revealed as Gatwick builds its case for a second runway.

New advertisements to be published this week claim that Gatwick’s plan is comparatively simple and low risk and can be delivered in just ten years, by 2025.

In comparison, the obstacles facing Heathrow cast doubt on whether a third runway there could realistically ever be built.

Improvements at Gatwick will include:

  • self-service bag drops and electronic security gates that will eliminate queues
  • passengers will reach boarding gates just 30 minutes after arriving at the airport
  • Gatwick will match the world’s quickest aircraft turnaround times
  • exceptionally short taxiing times reducing operating costs and engine emissions
  • push back to take off will be just seven minutes (compared to 45 minutes at a more complex and sprawling three runway Heathrow)
  • passengers will connect with flights leaving from different terminals in just 45 minutes, compared to 105 at Heathrow
  • connection times from the same terminal at Gatwick will be just 30 minutes

Gatwick says that these improvements have been designed to meet the future needs of passengers, but even today it is responding to emerging trends.

Gatwick Connect

Gatwick releases new plans of airport expansion

The Gatwick Connect service is already in operation and allows passengers to travel on a combination of independently operated flights and transfer through Gatwick without having to transport their bags through the airport or check-in twice.

How does Gatwick Connect work?

Passengers collect their bags as normal.

If they are connecting onto certain airlines they can check-in and drop the bag at the Gatwick Connect desk in the baggage reclaim hall.

Airlines include (20 January 2015):

  • easyJet
  • Norwegian Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic flight
  • Thomas Cook
  • Flybe
  • WOW



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