Amsterdam Schiphol trials Google Glass

Schiphol is also gathering information about what passengers look at and what they talk about as they walk through the airport

Amsterdam’s Schiphol is trialling Google Glass for use by airport staff as a way to look up gate information.

Google-GlassSchiphol has started a trial of Google Glass and has an app which lets staff ask for gate/aircraft data and get the results on the headset or on their smartphone.

By saying “Okay Glass, find a flight” followed by a gateway number, authority officers are able to see airport codes, aircraft registration, scheduled times, how many people are on board and more.

Schiphol is also using Google Glass to learn more about the passenger experience thanks to Glass’ first person perspective. They’re taking advantage of the camera and the microphone on the device to gather information about what passengers  look at and what they talk about as they walk through the airport.

The airport says it is aiming to use the information that they gather to improve the information that is displayed around the airport and to improve the passenger experience in general.

Given Glass’ visibility, it is perhaps especially suited for workers in a position of authority, who may already be marked out by their uniform (fluorescent jackets in the case of Schiphol’s authority officers), becoming another ‘badge of office’.

Other Google Glass trials

A handful of airports or airlines have tested Google Glass to determine if it is useful to them.

  • Chinese carrier Spring Airline were the first airline to trial the device inflight in May 2014
  • Virgin Atlantic did a six-week trial at Heathrow Airport in February
  • Copenhagen Airport announced positive results from a trial earlier in 2014 of staff with direct passenger contact using the device

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