British Airways phone-charging kiosks at JFK

British Airways has rolled out charging stations at their Galleries Lounge in Terminal 7 at JFK

British Airways has rolled out charging stations at their Galleries Lounge in Terminal 7 at JFK Airport in New York.

The charging stations are from New York based Brightbox.

British Airways has been offering the Brightbox amenity to fliers in their Executive Lounge since 2013 and is now adding more stations to areas in Terminal 7.

Placement of the British Airways branded Brightbox® Mark3 charging stations throughout the state-of-the-art Galleries Lounge in JFKs Terminal 7 is providing British Airways First and Club World customers, as well as Gold and Silver Executive Club members, with a secure charging amenity that lets them continue to communicate, navigate, search, shop, share, snack, dine, pay, play, and relax before or between their flights, resting assured that their phones are being safely and optimally charged in a station that delivers both physical security and data privacy.

Smart phone users simply swipe a credit/debit or complimentary card to open an available station chamber, plug in their mobile device or accessory to one of three industry standard charging cords, close the chamber and return later to swipe the same card to retrieve their charged phone.

The ability to safely charge improves the passenger experience, helping to competitively differentiate an airline and its offerings. It simplifies life for passengers en route, enabling them to stay connected to work, family, friends, and social apps, knowing they can securely charge their phones at the airport terminal before or after their flight.

Timothy Morton-Humphreys of British Airways:

Charged phones are an absolute must have while traveling. Were pleased to offer secure and convenient charging via Brightbox to our customers in the Galleries Lounge at JFK. It’s another service we can offer our valued customers that makes flying with us the best possible experience. Brightbox is invested in our satisfaction and our needs and we look forward to extending our partnership with them.

The Brightbox® Mark3 features a 10 interactive touch screen, with video and slide show capabilities that provide effective delivery of direct sponsor messaging, surveys, customer acquisition, brand offers and promotions. Exclusive offers are also available via branded key or other cards and keys specifically tailored for customers, events and activations. Companies and venues can leverage intimate and seamless interactions between consumers and the Brightbox charging kiosk for high impact and measurable ROI.

Don Rossi, Senior VP of Sales for Brightbox:

It’s all about connectivity, communication and satisfaction, said . Travelers require a trusted recharging solution when they’re on the go. They need to connect with business or family and being without charge can be a real problem. Brightbox ensures that they will always make those connections when they are at the airport and it gives airlines another route to customer satisfaction.

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