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Mobile Host will guide easyjet passengers through every step from Gatwick

easyJet has added a new feature to its mobile app called Mobile Host which will guide passengers through every step of a journey from London’s Gatwick airport.

The new feature takes passengers through the airport process whether it be a reminder to check in online before going to the airport, providing directions to the best bag drop area or giving live flight updates and directions to the gate as soon as it is open.

Mobile Host combines live data from London Gatwick Airport together with the passengers flight itinerary and location in the airport from Google indoor maps to present the most useful instructions and updates at every step on the passenger’s ‘day of travel’.

When the app sees that the passenger has arrived at the airport, a push notification tells the passenger where to drop their bag, and shows them where how to get there.

After security, the app will let passengers know when their gate opens and how to get there.

The feature is available in seven languages.

Hopefully it also will say when the gate closes as that is what passengers really want to know. And surely the airports want the passengers to know this so that they can spend as much time and as money as possible at the airport.

On arrival back at Gatwick, Mobile Host will tell the passenger which baggage belt to go to.

Initially the service will launch on iPhones for passengers travelling to and from Gatwick, easyJet’s biggest base.

N.B. Image credit: easyJet

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