Abu Dhabi to deploy boarding pass validation

Will automatically verify all types of boarding passes including mobile boarding passes and home printed passes

Abu Dhabi Airports will introduce a new boarding pass validation system in July 2015

The new solution will enhance security, accelerate passenger processing and reduce waiting times for passengers by automatically verifying all types of boarding passes including mobile boarding passes and home printed passes.

The system ensures passengers are at the correct terminal and security checkpoint, and enables them to present their barcode boarding passes either on paper or on their mobile phones.  The data is automatically validated, checked for duplicates and cross-referenced against the airport Operational Database and the airline’s Departure Control System. The information is then displayed to the passenger on an intuitive graphical user interface in a matter of seconds.

The system, which will be in place by June 2015, will include four security lanes with automatic gates, four mobile/paper boarding pass scanners and four hand-held wireless boarding pass scanners.

The system will be deployed in Terminal 3 economy, followed by the Terminal 3 business area. It will also be implemented in both economy and business in Terminal 1.

Ahmad Al Haddabi, Chief Operations Officer at Abu Dhabi Airports, said:

“Deploying such an advanced technology is a further demonstration of Abu Dhabi Airports’ determination to use the very best the market has to offer. Effectively managing the balance between continuous passenger flow and stringent security measures is a fundamental part of our operations, and the task is even more important in view of our continued growth.

“With this new technology verifying passenger documentation will be done quickly and efficiently, while at the same time improving the passenger experience. This is all part of our ongoing program to deliver a smooth flowing airport that affords passengers sufficient comfort and time to enjoy all the facilities on offer.”

The system is from SITA and is called Airport iValidate. SITA on-site staff will support and maintain the system.

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