Prague airport expands use of ABC eGates

Prague airport is adding ten more automated border control (ABC) eGates.

Prague airport is adding ten more automated border control (ABC) eGates.

The system is supplied by German supplier secunet and its Czech partner Vitkovice IT Solutions (VITSOL).

The Czech airport implemented its first ABC eGates at the end of 2011. They are part of the Czech border police project called EasyGO, designed to secure the external borders of the Schengen area in future.

Since 15 July, six additional eGates have been available in the arrivals area and since 20 July a further four are in operation in the departures area.

secunet will provide not only the “turnkey” easygates but also the entire infrastructure, including the Terminal Control Center, bioserver and the maintenance of ongoing operations for the next few years.

Petr Malovec, Head of the National Border Situation Centre at the Czech Border Police:

“By choosing the solution from /secunet we will continue using a tried and tested system, allowing us to offer our international guests state-of-the-art technology and a high level of security. We are happy to base our systems on the German EasyPASS border control system, which has proven its worth with four million passenger crossings up to July 2015.”

Last year, secunet implemented the EasyPASS border control solution for the German federal police at the major German airports, in conjunction with its consortium partner Bundesdruckerei.

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