Frankfurt Airport’s new Interactive Airport Desk

Search results via QR code are transferable to mobile devices.

Frankfurt Airport (FRA) has installed a large touchscreen called the Interactive Airport Desk (I-AID) that expands the information options for passengers.

With I-AID, passengers may confirm the status of their flight and also access interactive navigation details for reaching their gate. The I-AID uses real-time information on travel and waiting times.

In addition, it provides suggestions about shopping, gastronomy and service offerings along the route.

The boarding pass scanning feature and the intuitive touchscreen design allow for swift access to all relevant information. A future expansion stage, planned for later this year, will enable passengers to easily transfer the mobile navigation search results via QR code directly to their smartphones and tablets when the Frankfurt Airport App is installed on their devices.

In operation since Monday, September 21, the first I-AID is located in area Z of Terminal 1 after the security controls in the Non-Schengen area. During the test phase, Fraport will analyze user interaction and acceptance of the I-AID and adapt the software accordingly, before more I-AID touchscreens are installed at central points throughout the terminals.

Initially, the I-AID touchscreen can be operated in German, English and Chinese, with four more languages to follow. Frankfurt Airport’s I-AID will supplement existing information possibilities and orientation media, while Fraport’s manned info-points in the terminals will still remain in full operation.

Investing a six-figure amount in the new technology, Fraport AG is confident of this interface between stationary information media and mobile devices.

Fraport AG’s executive board chairman Dr. Stefan Schulte explains:

“The Interactive Airport Desk is a continuation of our service strategy to adjust FRA’s offerings to our passengers and their individual information needs. Our passengers want customized information and expect innovative and intuitive easy-to-use media. In the near future, we plan further digitization along the passenger travel process to provide individualized services and information”.

The goal is to expand the tips and features available for booking your trip, checking in online, arriving at FRA, planning your stay at the terminal, as well as for checking the flight status and route to your departure gate.

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