British Airways trials digital wayfinding to help passengers get around Heathrow

Passengers use the tool to get around Heathrow T5 and T3

    British Airways is trialling a digital wayfinding tool to help passengers navigate through London Heathrow Terminals 3 and 5.

    The tool provides directions and information on the airport layout.

    Heathrow T5 is BIG. Any help to navigate the place is good.

    Anyone who has had to fly out of Heathrow Terminal 5 will be aware of the problems there.

    Huge crowds, terrible signage, late gate info and huge distances from A to B via a vast amount of shops.

    BA says the wayfinding tool saves passengers time at the the airport and reduces the chance of missing their flight.

    Finding toilets, gates, shops

    The app shows maps of Heathrow Terminal 5 and Terminal 3. It can help passengers locate departure gates and things like toilets, shops, lounges and restaurants.

    Passengers can use an interactive map to get information about shops and their location, opening times and stuff to buy.

    Connecting flights

    Passengers connecting between flights can get detailed information about how to get to their connecting flight gate.

    They input their inbound and connecting flights and get step-by-step instructions of their trip from arrivals to the departure gate.

    A British Airways passenger uses the tool to find stuff at T5 [Image: British Airways]

    The real issues British Airways should fix at Heathrow T5

    LHR T5 is BIG. As I said, any help to navigate the place is good.

    The really valuable help would be:

    • to show the departure gate more than twenty minutes before the gate closes
    • make the BA app work in sync with the airport app – everywhere!
    • get the BA app in sync with the airport screens

    Every time I’ve flown from LHR T5 – every time to anywhere – the gate is shown after the scheduled opening time.

    If I’m not in a lounge, I have to pick an area to sit and wait for the gate info. When it eventually come, it is almost always the other side of from where I have eventually found a seat. A long slog through the crowds and really unpleasant.

    Even when I’m in the First Lounge to the gate is always a mega rush and a long slog.

    How to access the wayfinding tool

    The trial is available to all passengers travelling through Heathrow who can access the tool through QR codes on digital screens at Heathrow or by visiting

    As part of the trial, links to wayfinding have also been sent to all passengers flying into London Heathrow and connecting from destinations including New York JFK, Dubai, Mexico City, Atlanta, Dallas Fort Worth and Houston.

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