Sunshine Coast Airport using app to help passenger accessibility

Sunshine Coast Airport (SCA) in Australia has installed mapping technology to help blind and visually impaired passengers navigate the terminal.

BindiMaps is a mobile app that locates users precisely in indoor spaces. It uses a simple, natural language audio system to describe where users are, what’s around them, and the best way to get to their destination.

At the airport, the BindiMaps app uses a network of Bluetooth beacons and smartphone sensors to help people navigate the terminal.

It gives a choice of text, map view, or audio directions using real-time, step-by-step directions to any destination.

As well as navigation, the app provides general safety information, hazard warnings and evacuation and accessibility routes.

The BindiMaps app is already in use in shopping centres and other public buildings in Australia. Sunshine Coast Airport is the first airport in Australia to install this wayfinding solution.

The airport is introducing the app to help its 1.62 million annual passengers navigate its facilities and become one of Australia’s most accessible airports.

Kate McCreery-Carr, SCA General Manager Operations:

“Having BindiMaps at Sunshine Coast Airport is a game changer. Our goal is to create a more accessible airport for our community, where all passengers feel welcome, included, and confident when travelling.

“While the technology can be used by anyone, the benefits it will provide to passengers and visitors who are blind or visually impaired will be significant, allowing them to precisely navigate our terminal with greater ease and accuracy from the moment they enter, to the moment they leave.

“One of the many benefits of BindiMaps is its adaptability, which is crucial as we grow and expand into the future. With BindiMaps, we can update maps, routes and other relevant passenger information ensuring that passengers have the most accurate information no matter the situation.

“Our goal is to make Sunshine Coast Airport the most accessible and inclusive in Australia, and we want to thank the wonderful team at BindiMaps for helping us start this journey.”


BindiMaps is a small Australian company based in Sydney.

The BindiMaps app is also in use at Budapest Airport as well as Sunshine Coast Airport.

About Sunshine Coast Airport (SCA)

Sunshine Coast Airport is on the eastern coast of Australia, about 90 km (56 mi) north of Brisbane.

It is one of the fastest growing airports in Australia with flights to many destinations in Australia, including:

Adelaide, Albury, Auckland, Avalon, Cairns, Mackay, Melbourne, Mildura, Newcastle, Rockhampton, Sydney, Townsville and Whitsunday Coast

Airlines flying out of Sunshine Coast Airport are:

  • Bonza
  • Jetstar
  • Virgin Australia

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