Rotterdam introduces common use self-service bag drop

Self-service bag drop can reduce check-in times by 30 percent.

Rotterdam has implemented a common use self-service bag drop.

Rotterdam The Hague introduced Fast Bag Drop from Unisys in 2014 and the latest update means that common use self bag drop is now available.

The solution allows Rotterdam (RTM) to provide common self-service bag drop services for passengers, regardless of the airline they are a passenger with.

As a result, the airport is able to broaden operations to accommodate new carriers and provide greater passenger processing capacity, without increasing costs or the requirement for additional counter space.

The solution provides a multi-user, multi-host system that can dynamically switch between multiple airlines’ departure control platforms.

This expands the distribution of the bag drop facilities across all check-in positions within a common-use system, minimizing the number of interactions for passengers and check-in agents to ensure a fast, efficient bag drop.

Toon Martens, CIO and COO, Aviapartner, said:

“By offering self-service bag drop, our passengers not only save time at check-in due to the speed and convenience but also get more attention and better customer service when they need it. We now have a modern solution that allows us to easily integrate new carriers as the airport grows. Our partnership with Unisys has been very successful and has delivered a solution that enhances the end user experience which is why we use APPS at more than 20 airports worldwide.”

Albert van der Veen, Aviapartner’s station manager at RTM:

“To continue to deliver a high quality of service to our customers during a time of phenomenal growth, we needed to work with a partner that could help us optimize our terminal space and streamline our check-in processes, without increasing operational or expenditure costs. Unisys has a proven solution that has delivered some fantastic results.”

Haakan Andersson, director of airports, Unisys Global Transportation:

“Airports are constantly looking for ways to enhance the passenger experience, and this new technology provides valuable time savings and increased satisfaction to both the passengers and airport personnel.”

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