SAS launches new Travel Cash service

SAS frequent fliers can load 12 different currencies onto their EuroBonus card.

SAS is offering a brand new service via EuroBonus – Travel Cash. This will make travel easier for SAS’s frequent fliers and offers the ability to load 12 different currencies onto their EuroBonus card. They also earn EuroBonus points every time the card is used to make a purchase.

SAS is the first airline in Europe to offer its EuroBonus customers the ability to load up to 12 different currencies onto their EuroBonus card. This feature makes it easy for passengers to exchange currency on their EuroBonus card and so keep full control over their travel budget. This means that even those EuroBonus members who do not have a credit card can still earn extra EuroBonus points when they pay using their card.

Nils Lindhe, Head of SAS EuroBonus:

“We want to make travel easier for our customers, so we are proud to be launching a new and innovative product that will do just that. Being able to load their EuroBonus card with foreign currency even before departure gives our customers complete control of their spending money. The SAS EuroBonus card can then be used like a regular charge card, and our customers can also earn EuroBonus points on everything they buy.”

The SAS app provides a good overview of the currency exchanged and provides options to exchange more currency, add a different currency, or sell currency back.

SAS Travel Cash also comes in handy when passengers use their card on business, as the app will help them see the exact amount they have spent in local currency. So there is no need to wait for a credit card bill to see how much they have spent. SAS has partnered with MasterCard, so the card can be used worldwide everywhere that accepts MasterCard and also for online purchases.

The new card contains NFC technology, enabling passengers to pay quickly and easily using contactless technology by holding their card against the payment terminal without the need to input their PIN for purchases under SEK 250. This is a payment method that is widespread globally and is now also growing in popularity in Sweden.

Bart Willaert, Regional Manager MasterCard, Nordic and Baltic countries:

“We are incredibly proud that SAS has chosen MasterCard as its partner to offer its customers new and innovative solutions to make travel even easier. Through this partnership with SAS, MasterCard is also taking an important step into the European airline industry, which is an arena where we see a lot of potential.”

Every year SAS flies approximately 28 million travelers to more than 100 destinations around the world. SAS has one of Scandinavia’s largest loyalty schemes and currently has around 4 million EuroBonus members.

American company Rêv and Catella Bank are key partners in the project.

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