TUMI Global Locator tracks your bags anywhere

Uses a combination of WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM data and GPS to give its precise location no matter where it is in the world.

TUMI has announced a collaboration with AT&T and LugTrack to launch the “TUMI Global Locator,” a new wireless tracking device designed to provide passengers with real-time data regarding the location of their luggage or other travel bags, helping to alleviate the headaches of lost or misplaced items.

The TUMI Global Locator is a wireless and compact device which uses GPS, GSM, WIFI and Bluetooth technology to provide specific location positioning information via a mobile application to users around the world.

The device is FAA compliant, with the capability to shut itself off in-flight and turn itself back on upon landing, maintaining observance with major airline regulator policies.

The hardware and patented technology for the device is supported by LugTrack, a New Jersey based technology company.

How it works

It’s not clear yet exactly how the system will work or what charges there will be, but the way LugTrack works is this:

  • There are two tags – one in the passenger’s bag and another to be installed as an app on the user’s mobile device. These two tags work together using a combination of GPS, GSM, WiFi and low-energy Bluetooth to relay tracking and location information.
  • Passengers can define and set a perimeter around their luggage. The app allows users to program text, email alerts and/or in-app notifications if their bags leave their set perimeter.
  • LugTrack devices will also record data on rough handling of a user’s luggage, alerting them when and where their belongings may have been mishandled.

It is not yet known if all these features will be in the TUMI Locator.

TUMI’s Chief Executive Officer and President, Jerome Griffith:

“As a leader in creating innovative travel solutions, TUMI is always looking for new ways to simplify and perfect the travel journey, while ensuring that our products exceed consumers’ expectations and fit seamlessly into their lives. In today’s digital world of connected devices, smartphones, and tablets, we saw a great opportunity to support consumers’ desire to remain connected to all parts of their lives, including their luggage and bags they use day-to-day. We are excited to be working with AT&T and LugTrack to bring this exciting new travel solution to market.”

AT&T provides global connectivity for the device.

Chris Penrose, senior vice president, Internet of Things Solutions, AT&T Mobility:

“AT&T continues to deliver on its promise to improve life through connectivity on a global scale. After close collaboration with TUMI and LugTrack, travelers worldwide can now lead a more connected life while on-the-go.”

The TUMI Global Locator device and mobile application are planned for commercial release in the fourth quarter of 2015 and will be sold at TUMI collection stores and on TUMI’s website at www.TUMI.com.

N.B. Image credit: tumi.com

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