Amsterdam Schiphol new biometric tests

Privium members can enrol for the trials.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is to begin piloting a range of biometric technologies for border control.

The Dutch airport announced that it is to begin a series of pilots that will investigate the speed and reliability of facial, finger and iris recognition as methods for identifying passengers.

Members of the airports Privium scheme can register to take part in the trials.

Currently, Privium members can cross the border through a combined use of their Privium card and iris scan.

How it works?
Privium members can register for the biometric test panel from 15 December of this year.

Registration will take less than five minutes of time and will take place in the Privium ClubLounge.

The first pilot is set to begin in mid-January 2016.

Members of the biometric test panel who are flying to a Schengen destination will then immediately be eligible to use the security check entrance installed especially for the pilot.

This entrance will grant access on the basis of multiple biometric scans.

Passengers will no longer be required to insert their Privium Card because they can open the Privium gate with just a wave of their  hand.

There will be additional tests of remote facial and iris recognition technology.

The pilots will be conducted in compliance with all privacy guidelines.

More detailed information will be provided during registration.


Privium costs € 75, € 121 or € 205 per year depending on the level bought.

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