Songshan kiosks for standby passengers

Reduces hassle for passengers and airlines.

Standby passengers on domestic flights at Taipei Songshan can place themselves on a waiting list by entering their information at one of the standby information kiosks.

Ten standby information kiosks have been installed at Terminal Two for testing during December and the service will be officially launched on 01 January 2016.

There are four domestic airlines at Songshan

  • Far Eastern Air Transport (FE)
  • Mandarin Airlines (AE)
  • TransAsia Airways (GE)
  • Uni Airways (B7)

Each has two standby kiosks next to their standby counters. Two other kiosks are in the domestic check-in area.

The kiosks offer a one-stop solution for most domestic passengers who need to go on a standby list, as they can check from the kiosk the flights offered by each domestic airline and enter their information through the machines without having to go to each airline.

Until now domestic passengers had to go to the standby counters of each of the four domestic airlines and list themselves at each of those airlines.

This is a nuisance for passengers and causes problems for the airlines.

For example, an airline would repeatedly call for a passenger on the waitlist for boarding, when that passenger had already boarded a flight from another carrier.

To access the standby information kiosk, passengers need to follow on-screen instructions and type in their information, scan their ID cards or let the machine read their health insurance cards.

Passengers will be able to check the waiting lists for domestic flights through the airport’s official Web site and mobile application after Jan.1.

About Taipei Songshan

Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA) is located in Songshan, Taipei, Taiwan,which is effectively the city centre.

In 2014, Songshan handled 6,111,776 passengers.

The airport mainly operates domestic flights in Taiwan.

The main domestic airlines using the airport are:

  • Far Eastern Air Transport (FE)
  • Mandarin Airlines (AE)
  • TransAsia Airways (GE)
  • Uni Airways (B7)

It also operates international flights to Mainland China, South Korea and Japan.

Most international flights out of the Taipei area depart from Taoyuan International Airport (TPE).

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