Naples introduces ABC eGates for EU passengers

More than 2,000 passengers per day processed

Naples International Airport has introduced ABC eGates for European Union passengers.

The Automated Border Control (ABC) eGates use facial recognition for EU passengers with biometric passports and are in use for departures and arrivals.

The ABC eGates confirm that the passenger has an authentic, valid passport and is authorized to enter the country while fingerprint verification is also provided to further enhance security when required.

With an average processing time of only 20 seconds, this process enables eligible passengers to use self-service facilities to reduce wait times and optimize passenger flow through the airport.

The ABC eGates are used for departures and arrivals and in total allows more than 2,000 passengers a day to clear immigration at the airport.

The ABC eGates are supplied by SITA and are part of their iBorders Border Management solution. SITA say the eGates provide a smooth “walk-through” experience.

Alessandro Fidato, Director of Infrastructure & Operations at Naples International Airport:

“The new technology has helped improve the passenger experience at Naples Airport by speeding them through immigration while ensuring that we meet the highest security standards at Italy’s borders. The ABCGates are really a win-win technology for airports.”

Giuseppe Musto, Head of Innovation & Automation at Naples International Airport said:

“We have introduced another step in the passenger journey at Naples Airport, with a focus on quality and in accordance with the recent regulatory evolution in Italy.”

Dave Bakker, SITA President, Europe, said:

“We continue to work with airlines, airports and government agencies around the globe to provide the best-in-class self-service border technology. Through the use of biometrics, we are able to enhance the passenger experience by providing a swift passage through immigration while adhering to the highest possible security standards.”

About 30 governments globally using SITA’s iBorders systems and capabilities to keep their borders secure and transform their border security operations.

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