Atlanta Airport adds nursing stations for mothers

4 lactation pods for nursing mothers

Atlanta International now has four lactation pods available for nursing mothers.

Using the pods mean that mothers can now breastfeed in private. Previously only public restrooms offered nursing mothers any privacy.

Atlanta introduced the Mamava pods, which feature seating, a fold-down table and a power supply, this week.

A digital tablet inside the unit streams content suitable for mothers and their children while they feed.

The pods are inside security checkpoints. The airport said that construction will soon begin for a pre-security nursing room.

Although there are just the four pods at the moment, the airport has confirmed it will be looking in to adding more, if the demand is there.

Income from advertising will cover the costs of the new Mamava pods and their upkeep.

Reese McCranie, director of policy and communications at Hartsfield-Jackson:

“We’ve been listening to our customers over the years, and there’s a real demand for these. It took a little while to get here, but we’ve heard a lot of good things so far.”

The pods were originally tested at Burlington International Airport (BTV), which now has two of them.

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