Alaska testing electronic bag tags

No recharge during their two-year lifespan

Alaska Airlines’ customer research and development team, CX Labs, is testing electronic bag tags.

The tags are 2-by-3-inch reusable plastic tags with e ink screens (similar to an e-reader like a Kindle or Nook), powered by a low-energy, wireless Bluetooth technology.

They are attached to a bag like any other bag tag, using durable nylon cording, and are updated via the Alaska Airlines mobile app during the check-in process. They never need to be recharged during their two-year lifespan.

The test kicked off in summer 2015 with 60 Alaska employees, who spent several months using electronic bag tags to check luggage as they traveled around Alaska’s route network. A select group of passengers have been testing the tags on domestic flights since October 2015.

This summer, 500 more of Alaska’s frequent fliers will have the opportunity to test the tags in an expanded customer trial.

Reusable plastic bag tag holder

Currently Alaska passengers can tag their own bags on eligible flights with a reusable bag tag holder.


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