Hong Kong Airlines self bag drop at Hong Kong

Starts with passengers with 1 checked bag

Hong Kong Airlines is to introduce self bag drop for passengers departing from Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

Six self bag drop kiosks will be installed at Hong Kong Airlines counters at Aisle K at HKIA.

For the first two weeks, each passenger who uses the service will be presented with a gift as a token of gratitude for their support to the airline’s innovative initiatives.

During the trial run, the self bag drop service only applies to passengers with 1 checked bag. Passengers with multiple baggage will be able to use the service at a later date.

Airline staff will be on hand to assist passengers with the new service.

How it works:

Hong Kong Airlines will use the two-step method for self bag drop:

Step 1: passengers print the bag tag at a self-service kiosk and attach the bag tag to the bag

Step 2: passengers take the tagged bag to a staffed bag drop



About Hong Kong Airlines

Hong Kong Airlines is a full-service airline firmly based in Hong Kong.

Routes: The airline has a wide destination network covering over 30 major cities across the Asia Pacific region, including Gold Coast, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Sapporo, Bangkok, Bali and Okinawa.

Fleet: The current operating fleet is made up of 23 Airbus passenger aircraft with an average age of around 3.7 years.

Aircraft type
Currently in service



A330-200 9



Alliance: None

N.B. Image credit: hongkongairlines.com

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