SriLankan Airlines starts Self Check-in and Self Bagdrop at Colombo

Aims to minimise lines

SriLankan Airlines has introduced self-service check-in and self-bag-drop services at Colombo’s Bandaranaike International Airport.

The airline says the new self-service kiosks aim to minimise waiting times during peak periods.

Passengers can now use self-service to complete the entire check-in process, including flight check-in, seat selection, boarding pass and bag tag printing.

Following this‚ they can drop off their luggage at the self-bag-drop facility‚ proceeding directly to the boarding gates after emigration clearance.

SriLankan Airlines has more digital plans. It says it is committed to providing a seamless and technologically advanced travel experience for its passengers, including implementation of a Smart Channel featuring digital enhancements including but not limited to biometric facial recognition, e-boarding gates, virtual and augmented reality‚ etc.

SriLankan Airlines self bag drop at Colombo
The first passenger using the self bag drop [Image: SriLankan Airlines]

How it works:

  1. Passengers use a self-service kiosk to check their documents.
  2. They check-in, print their boarding pass and any bag tags
  3. They tags the bags and take them to a self bag drop, do what the device asks and make sure to take the bag tag receipt issued by the device

Although the airline doesn’t say who is supplying the kiosks and bag drops, I’m pretty sure it is SITA. The kiosks in the publicity pictures show kiosks that look very much like SITA’s Smart Path TS6 Kiosk.

Deepal Pallegangoda‚ Senior Manager Airport & Ground Handling:

“As the official ground handler for all airlines operating out of BIA, SriLankan Airlines handles over 550,000 passengers and their luggage monthly. The introduction of these self-service facilities not only sets a new standard for airport convenience but also enables us to manage the check-in process more efficiently to meet the demands of our growing passenger numbers.”

Chamara Perera, Group Head of Information Technology of SriLankan Airlines:

“We are ecstatic to equip our airline’s hub with the best-in-class self-service technology, elevating passengers’ pre-flight experience to another level. This initiative not only allows travelers flying out of BIA to bypass queues at the check-in counters entirely but also marks a significant step forward in Sri Lanka’s roadmap to digitally transform the country’s airports. As the national carrier, we are proud to lead this project, enhancing the passenger experience on our journey towards contactless travel.”

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