Aer Lingus self-service bag drop at Dublin

More than 40 kiosks at Terminal 2

Aer Lingus has introduced self bag drop at Dublin Airport Terminal 2.

Called Express Bag Drop, the new facility means that passengers print and attach their own bag tags and then drop the bag at a self bag drop.

The Aer Lingus check-in area in Dublin Terminal 2 now has over 40 self-service kiosks.

The Irish airline has introduced what is effectively a 3 step method:

Step 1: check-in and print boarding pass (online, on mobile or at a kiosk)

Step 2: print and attach the bag tag

Step 3: go to a bag drop and drop the bag

Mike Rutter, chief operating officer, Aer Lingus:

“Aer Lingus has invested heavily over the last 24 months in improving Guest Experience. Our latest innovation, the new ‘Express Bag Drop’ cuts the time our guests need to spend in the check-in area by at least 66 per cent. I would urge all our guests to check-in in advance so they can experience this time-saving, stress-busting service.

“The installation project has been the largest single installation in Western Europe. It allows us to continue to grow the Aer Lingus business as we announce further exciting US and European routes because it delivers an effective 200 per cent increase in check-in capacity. We began piloting Express Bag Drop kiosks some months ago and already the feedback from our guests has been very positive.”

How it works

Step 1: Passengers check-in and print their boarding pass (online, on mobile or at a kiosk)

Step 2: They take the bag to a kiosk and put the bag on the scale. They then scan their boarding pass which reads the passenger details on the barcode. The kiosk issues a bag tag and the passenger attaches it to the bag.

Step 3: Passengers then take the bag to a self bag drop unit, put the bag on the belt which checks that the weight is the same as it was when tagged

Aer Lingus has a video showing a simplified version of how it works.

N.B. Image credit: Aer Lingus

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