Dubai Airport deploys wayfinding kiosks

Provide passengers quickest routes to terminals

Dubai Airport has installed wayfinding kiosks to help passengers navigate the airport.

The system allows passengers to scan boarding passes at a kiosk and view a map and recommended route to their departure gates with the remaining time until the plane departs as well as explore shop, dine and relax options in the meantime.

The kiosks are supplied by NCR with mapping software from Visioglobe.

Additionally, airport staff can publish map, route, and point of interest data to kiosk, web and mobile channels in a single step.

Matt Horobin, Dubai Airport head of digital media:

“In 2015, Dubai International served 78 million passengers. Many of these travelers have never set foot in our airport, which can lead to uncertainty around locating their departure gate as well as lack of awareness on all the other fantastic lifestyle products and services we have to offer. Now, passengers can walk up to a kiosk and receive a personalized map, along with expected walking time to any and every airport destination. It’s a better travel experience.”

Eric Bernard, Visioglobe CEO:

“Travelers tend to feel more confident when they know where they’re going and how much time they have to get there,” Bernard said. “This leads to more spending at shops and restaurants along the way. The traveler has a better airport experience while vendors generate additional revenue. Moreover, passengers can reach their gate on time and decrease flight delay departure.”

Paul Langenbahn, president, NCR Hospitality:

“Dubai International averages nearly two million kiosk interactions each year, a number we expect to grow. As travelers continue to rely on technology, Dubai Airports in partnership with NCR continue to provide its customers a simple, attractive interface while offering airport staff intuitive functionality for quick and easy map updates.”

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