Marcus Pedersen develops height-adjustable self-service bag drop

Retrofit self-service bag drop for airports is height adjustable

A Danish company has developed the world’s first height-adjustable self-service bag drop.

It is a retrofit self-service bag drop solution for airports which can be mounted on an existing counter. The bag drop unit is height adjustable, which makes it accessible and comfortable to use for passengers of all heights, including wheel chair users.

When the counter is used for manned check-in, Air.Go On can be turned off, and the screen can be used to show e.g. weight or important information to the passengers. Because of the height difference in on/off mode it is easy for the passengers to see if the counter is used for self-service or for manned assistance.

The self-service bag drop is called Air.Go On and comes from Marcus Pedersen, a Danish design company specialising in designing, developing and manufacturing products and furniture for airports and public areas.

By using Air.Go On, the airport is able to treat all passengers equally, and no passengers have to use special equipment.

Air.Go On is a component of Marcus Pedersen’s Air.Go series. Other products are:

The colour of the machines can be customised in order to match the airports brand identity and architecture, and it is possible to apply graphics and prints directly to the front panels.

Air.Go has installed twelve Air.Go 1.0 self-service bag drops at Toronto Pearson’s Terminal 3 and three Air.Go 1.0 self-service bag drops at Aalborg Airport.

N.B. Image credit: Marcus Pedersen

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