Robot starts work at Shenzhen security

AnBot, China’s new airport security robot, uses a non lethal prod to deter threats

China’s first intelligent security robot has started work at Shenzhen Airport.

AnBot, the first intelligent robot in China trained to carry out security checks, will conduct around-the-clock independent patrols in the departure hall of Terminal 3.

Four high-definition digital cameras help the robot to effectively uphold civil aviation security and take advantage of its mobile face recognition. Images will be passed along to behind-the-scenes security stations, where they will be analyzed.

The robot is designed with four major capabilities:

  • independent patrol
  • face recognition
  • intelligent service
  • emergency response
AnBot can move at a top speed of 11mph and disarm people if they are a threat

The electric prod is activated remotely by a human.

Xiao Xiangjiang of the National University of Defense Technology:

“It can patrol, avoid obstacles and then charge on its own.”

N.B. Image credit: People’s Daily Online

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