Lufthansa switching to digital reading on board

More than 250 digital magazines and newspapers

Lufthansa is switching over to e-journals for its reading selection for passengers.

Lufthansa passengers can now enjoy newspapers and magazines in various languages and of various kinds for free as eJournals. Passengers can download them to their smartphone, tablet or laptop before their flight, so that their travel reading is to hand before, during and after the flight in a space-saving and convenient way.

Currently there are more than 250 digital titles available, including quite a number for children, and with a choice of 18 different languages, and they can be accessed by Lufthansa passengers up to three days before their date of travel. There are plans to extend the selection further in the future.

How it works

To download the digital reading material, passengers go to via the Lufthansa app, and entering their name, plus either their booking code or ticket number.

Passengers can select their favorite titles, download them and then save them on their own electronic device. The reading material chosen is then available to them as a PDF file, even after the flight for an unlimited period.

Depending on which booking class the passengers are in, anything between one and twenty digital magazines/newspapers can be selected per flight, in a period starting from up to three days before the flight and running up until to the end of the journey. If they wish, they can also download further digital newspapers or newspapers on top of this for a fee.

By switching over to digital reading material, Lufthansa is not only able to provide a better service to its passengers through the considerably wider spectrum of magazines and newspapers – in far more genres and languages – which it can offer. It also saves paper, ink and fuel.

In the Lufthansa lounges and in the First Class sections on long haul flights, the usual printed reading material will still be provided. There will also continue to be printed versions of the magazines in the Business Class section on intercontinental flights. In addition, at Lufthansa’s Frankfurt and Munich hubs, as well as at Berlin, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Düsseldorf airports, newspapers will be offered to all Lufthansa passengers from one of several central distribution points.

N.B. Image credit: Lufthansa

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