Copenhagen opens lounge for all long-haul passengers

All long-haul passengers can pay to use the new Eventyr Lounge

Copenhagen Airport has opened a new lounge for long-haul passengers that anyone can pay to use.

The new 850 m2 luxury Eventyr Lounge is in Pier C after passport control. It is from here that non-Schengen flights and long-haul intercontinental flights depart.

The new lounge has 200 seats, divided between different zones for relaxation or work, with Danish designer furniture from HAY and Erik Jørgensen.

There are lots of power sockets, iPads for printing boarding cards, a bar, and the opportunity to take a shower before embarking on a long flight. And of course, good food and wine.

Passengers can enjoy a 180-degree view over the airport, allowing them to see all take-offs and landings, the control tower and the Øresund with its wind turbines and bridge.

The lounge is not reserved for passengers travelling business class or with special tickets. As in the rest of the airport, passengers can buy a day ticket and use any of the facilities. The price for the Eventyr Lounge is DKK 250 (about 33 euros / 29 sterling / 35 USD).

Peter Krogsgaard, Copenhagen Airport’s chief commercial officer:

“With 36 routes to far-off destinations and ever increasing passenger numbers, the airport and airlines have really been missing a lounge after passport control. We now have one – both for business travellers and for the continually growing number of leisure travellers who also want to be able to use the lounges to relax in peace and enjoy some refreshments before flying.”

There are now seven lounges at Copenhagen Airport and more than 5,000 passengers visit them every day, a third of whom are leisure passengers.

Around half of lounge guests have access through tickets bought with various airlines.
The rest gain access through membership programmes such as Priority Pass or by purchasing day tickets.

The new Eventyr Lounge, located at the top of Pier C with its entrance by gate C26, is operated by Menzies Aviation, which is also a ground handler managing aircraft and passengers at the airport.

For the time being, Menzies Aviation has an agreement with British Airways and is in discussion with a number of other airlines to offer their passengers access to the Eventyr Lounge.

N.B. Image credit: Copenhagen Airport

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