Stuttgart Airport introduces self-service bag drop

Eurowings are the first to use the new facility

Stuttgart Airport has launched self-service bag drop.

The service enables passengers to check in and drop their bags themselves.

The first units are in Terminal 1 with plans to roll out in Terminal 3 over the coming months so that more airlines, and more of the 10.5 million passengers who use the airport each year, will use the service.

The first airline to use the system is Eurowings, which flies to several European cities and leisure destinations as well as providing long-haul service to Atlanta.

The supplier is SITA Scan&Fly.

The  Scan&Fly units are retro-fitted into the existing airport systems. The system ensures that only conveyable bags with a readable bag tag enter the baggage handling system.

Wolfgang Müller, Chief Operating Officer, Stuttgart Airport:

“SITA’s retro-fit solution was ideal, it utilizes our existing airport infrastructure so no additional terminal space was required. With Scan&Fly we look forward to fewer queues, happier passengers, and fast and safe bag drop.”

Dave Bakker, SITA President, Europe:

“Passengers want self-service and we know that they are happier at the steps of the journey where they have more choice and control in how they manage their trip.  Retro-fitting self-service bag drop is a quick and easy way to make this happen. In fact, our solution Scan&Fly allows more passengers to drop their baggage within the same check-in area, with less queuing and can increase terminal capacity by up to 60%. It is the perfect choice for airports – its plug-and-play design means it can be installed overnight onto existing airport check-in desks. It’s easy to use so passengers and airlines love it too.”

N.B. Image credit: Stuttgart Airport

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