Delta testing biometric boarding pass

Trial at Washington National uses fingerprints as biometric

Delta has started testing a biometric boarding pass at Wahington National (DCA).

Eligible members of Delta’s frequent flier scheme, SkyMiles, can use their fingerprints as proof of identity at the Delta Sky Club lounge instead of showing a paper or mobile boarding pass and hard copy ID.

The next stage of the test will would allow Members to use their fingerprints to check a bag, check in at the Delta Sky Club and board a flight.

Delta is carrying out the test with CLEAR systems.

Findings from the DCA test will be analyzed to determine next steps for improving the process and broader implementation.

How it works

During the pilot, Delta passengers with a SkyMiles number and who are also enrolled in CLEAR are eligible for the biometric boarding pass. CLEAR will capture and use both biometric and SkyMiles information to identify passengers at bag drop, Delta Sky Club entry and boarding.

Phase 1: Eligible Members can now use their fingerprints to enter the Delta Sky Club only, using one of three scanners.

Phase 2: Delta plans to expand passenger biometrics as ID to Delta’s ticket counter work stations for bag drops, Delta Sky Club desks for entrance verification, and at gates for boarding.

With biometric boarding pass technology powered by CLEAR at all of these touch points, eligible Members would be able to traverse DCA using only their fingerprints.

Recent self-boarding trials using biometrics

A number of airline are doing or have already finished trails of self-boarding using biometrics, including:

All differ slight in implementation, but all use facial recognition, unlike Delta who are using fingerprints.

N.B. Image credit: Delta

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