Dubai to trial biometric border without eGates

Trial will use biometrics and blockchain

Dubai Airport is to trial a system using digitized passports and facial biometrics.

One of the slowest parts of arriving at an airport is the queue for passport control, whether at eGates or a staffed desks.

Although the eGates are helping airports cope with increased volumes of passengers they still take time to capture the passengers facial biometric and compare it with the details in the epassport.

The idea is that passengers arriving in Dubai Airport will be able to step off their flight and walk straight to baggage reclaim without stopping at passport control eGates or desks.

It works by scanning each passenger’s face as they walk through a short corridor. A 3D image is then compared to a ‘digital passport’ held on computer.

The passenger’s passport would be entirely digitised and the details pre-approved by Dubai.

Dubai’s Immigration and Visas Department (GDRFA) is working with UK firm ObjectTech, which specialises in identity systems for the banking, security and healthcare industries.

The system will combine the biometric verification and the identity trust framework provided by blockchain technology.

ObjectTech announced the project in a blog post.

The blog does not gives project timelines or information about privacy and data security.

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