TSA testing facial facial recognition at LAX

Trial is for a few hours each day and lasts 3 weeks

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has launched a three week trial of facial recognition technology at Los Angeles Airport’s Tom Bradley Terminal.

The trial uses facial recognition technology to automate the identification and boarding pass verification process. Passengers taking an international flight can opt to use the biometric recognition system to verify their identity.

After a passenger scans their boarding pass and passport, a camera activates and takes a photo of the passenger. The system verifies that the name on the boarding pass and passport match. It also confirms that the passport photo and the photo taken by the camera match. If any of these items do not match, the passenger is not granted access to the security checkpoint.

During the pilot program, all passengers will still have their boarding and identity documents manually verified by a TSA officer.

Advanced Imaging Technology

Another pilot project features an enhanced Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) unit with increased detection capabilities.

The enhanced AIT, commonly referred to as a body scanner, does not require passengers to raise their hands over their head during the scan. In addition, it also provides corrective feedback to the TSA officer, alerting the officer if a passenger is improperly positioned in the unit. This capability may allow passengers to adjust their stance and be rescanned, which could reduce the need for a pat down.

N.B. Image credit: Los Angeles World Airports

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