Lufthansa begins biometric boarding at LAX

Expected to expand to all U.S. airport departures

Lufthansa is planning to expand the use of biometric boarding at U.S. airports following a successful trial at Los Angeles.

The trial uses facial recognition technology to allow passengers to board the aircraft without the need to show a boarding pass or passport at the gate

During the initial trial, Lufthansa boarded an A380 with 350 passengers in about 20 minutes.

How it works

  • Self-boarding gates with facial recognition cameras capture passengers’ facial images as they approach the device
  • This image is securely sent to the CBP database for real-time matching and verification
  • After a successful match, the system recognizes the passenger as “boarded”
  • The passenger no longer needs to show a boarding pass or passport at the gate

Bjoern Becker, Senior Director, Product Management Ground and Digital Services for Lufthansa:

“The increasing need for airlines, airports and authorities to offer faster and more convenient processes for guests to move through the airport creates a unique opportunity for the use of biometrics.

“Lufthansa strives to enhance the customer experience by applying advanced technologies and innovative solutions. This is a further step towards achieving that goal.”

British Airways is already using facial recognition biometrics at 4 U.S. airports.

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