Buenos Aires International Airport launches Automated Border Control

ABC system from Vision-Box cuts border clearance time in half

Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport is the first airport in Argentina to introduce an Automated Border Control (ABC) system.

The country’s largest airport has installed a new system from Vision-Box that uses ABC eGates with biometric technology to automate the arrivals process.

It works by capturing and comparing live facial and fingerprint biometrics.

As well as helping to speed up the arrivals process, the ABC eGates allow extensive and accurate background checks against INTERPOL, no-fly lists, and internal security lists to make certain that only authorized and lawful individuals are allowed to enter or exit the country.

At the moment the system is available to Argentinian citizens and will later be expanded to departures and 3rd country citizens.

The new Automated Border Control (ABC) solution started on 23 April.

Rogelio Frigerio, Minister of the Interior:

“The new system that we are launching is a very important advancement. The biometric eGates will not only speed up the transit time of travelers, but will also allow us to gather more accurate information of those entering and exiting Argentine territory using digital technology”.

Guillermo Dietrich, Minister of Transport:

“Improving the infrastructure of our airports is significant not only because it is a large public project, but also because the cutting-edge technology improves the clearance time and the quality of the experience that of the millions of travelers that pass through Ezeiza”.

Miguel Leitmann, Vision-Box Global CEO:

“This project is part of our continuing mission of making positive contributions to the safety and security of people the world over. I am extremely pleased that with the installation of the ABC system at Ezeiza Airport and the planned expansion, Vision-Box is able to improve the quality of Argentinian smart border services and increase traveler’s access to them using trusted digital identification technologies”.

A planned expansion will allow Argentinian citizens to use the national ID card and 3rd country nationals to use their ePassports at the ABC system to cross the border. Additional eGates are on track to be installed at Terminal A, with another two slated for Terminal C to process departing passengers.

Argentina’s Border Control infrastructure has big plans. They include a long-term plan to extend the biometric solution to The Buenos Aires Port and to Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, an international airport located near downtown Buenos Aires. This will improve the country’s capacity to manage high-transit air and port entry and exit points in the greater Buenos Aires metropolitan region.

N.B. Image credit: Vision-Box

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