Orlando Airport chooses SITA to implement 100% biometric exit

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority is the first to fully deploy the CBP Biometric Entry and Exit Program

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) has chosed SITA as the technology partner for biometric exit at Orlando International Airport.

Passengers can expect 100% biometric boarding for international flights at Orlando International Airport by October.

Over the next four months, SITA will integrate its Smart Path biometric technology at 64 boarding lanes, at 30 boarding gates across the airport.

The system makes passenger boarding quicker and easier, while it also incorporates the new secure biometric exit checks. With Smart Path, passengers just need to look at the camera, without having to present boarding passes or passports.

As part of the agreement, SITA will provide the technology solution, professional services, hardware and maintenance.

Earlier this year, SITA worked with GOAA, British Airways and CBP to incorporate the U.S. biometric departure check for British Airways’ passengers. The trial’s success has prompted airport-wide implementation of the technology.  British Airways is boarding flights of almost 240 customers in around 15 minutes.

John Newsome, Chief Information Officer, GOAA:

“Our decision to implement biometric exit checks across the whole airport follows a hugely successful live trial. The innovative boarding process we tested is really popular with passengers. They simply look at the camera and within seconds the gate opens and they can board the flight. It is easy, fast and most importantly, secure. The solution works on common-use boarding gates and can be easily used by the many international airlines that we serve at MCO.”

Diana Einterz, SITA President, Americas:

“GOAA’s implementation of SITA Smart Path for the U.S. CBP biometric exit checks will deliver a simpler travel process for the airport’s six million annual international passengers. SITA is a world-leader in biometrics and we are committed to delivering secure seamless journeys for airline passengers globally. It is great to be GOAA’s technology partner as it becomes the first airport to fully implement biometrics for international flights from the U.S.”

Orlando International is the first U.S. airport to fully deploy the U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) Biometric Entry and Exit Program.

N.B. Image credit: SITA

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