Delta to launch first biometric terminal in the U.S.

Will use facial recognition end-to-end

Delta, in partnership with Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), is launching the first biometric terminal in the United States.

Facial recognition technology will be deployed throughout Terminal F at Atlanta later in 2018.

Using the new biometric system will be optional.

Passengers flying direct to an international destination from Atlanta’s Terminal F will be able to use the facial recognition to do the following:

  • Check in at the self-service kiosks in the lobby
  • Drop checked baggage at the counters in the lobby
  • Serve as identification at the TSA checkpoint
  • Board a flight at any gate in Terminal F
  • Go through CBP processing for international passengers arriving into the U.S.

Passengers flying with Aeromexico, Air France-KLM or Virgin Atlantic Airways out of Terminal F are also eligible to use the technology.

If passengers do not want to participate, they proceed normally, as they’ve always done, through the airport.

Also at ATL Terminal F, passengers can take advantage of Computed Tomography (CT) scanners at two automated screening lanes, which are being installed in partnership with the TSA and the airport. This means passengers won’t have to take out electronics from their bags at the TSA checkpoint, further enabling a smooth travel experience.

The expansion of the facial recognition option with Delta Biometrics follows CBP and Delta’s optional facial recognition boarding tests at ATL, Detroit Metropolitan Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport over the past several years.

In addition, Delta recently tested a self-service biometric bag drop at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport for international passengers. Delta has also tested biometric boarding at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, and has launched optional biometric check-in for all domestic Delta Sky Clubs, facilitated by Delta Biometrics Powered by CLEAR.

This launch leverages technology and software developed by NEC Corporation.

Delta has produced an infographic showing its use of biometrics at the moment.

Delta biometric numbers

N.B. Image credit: Delta

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