Royal Jordanian launches self-service check-in at Queen Alia

5 self service kiosks now at Queen Alia

Royal Jordanian passengers can now self use check-in at Queen Alia International Airport using self service check-in kiosks.

The five kiosks in the departures terminal can print boarding passes and baggage tags.

Passengers flying on RJ and departing from QAIA can self check-in for all routes, with the exceptions of flights to North America and London, due to security procedures.

The kiosks also offer Royal Jordanian passengers other services:

  • passport details verification
  • flight number and time of departure
  • seat selection
  • Royal Club mileage calculator and the accruing awards

How it works

  • Passengers who want to use one of the five self-service kiosks go to gate number 1
  • At the kiosk, they answer questions about check-in and baggage
  • The kiosk prints the boarding pass and baggage tags
  • Passengers attach the baggage tags to their bags
  • Then they hand in their luggage at counter (1)
  • Finally, they can go to departures

Common Use Self Service (CUSS) kiosks

While the kiosks are CUSS, meaning they should be used by multiple airlines, they are at the moment only available for Royal Jordanian passengers.

N.B. Image credit: Royal Jordanian Airways

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