JAL trials artificial intelligence-enhanced service at check-in

Trial at Narita and Haneda until end of March 2019

Japan Airlines (JAL) is trialling a new service that applies artificial intelligence (AI) to answer passenger requests at the airline’s check-in desks.

The service listens to what check-in agents are saying to passengers and then pushes ‘relevant’ information to the agents’ tablets in near real-time, which includes additional relevant information tailored to the individual’s journey.

The service uses AI applications including voice recognition to identify and interpret statements made by the agents, so it can retrieve data from JAL’s knowledge database or website and proactively answer passenger queries.

JAL is working with Accenture to trial the AI-enhanced service at its international check-in counters at Narita Airport and Haneda Airport from today until the end of March 2019..

Combination of people and technology

JAL says it recognizes the combination of people and technology is key to generating innovation and they expect this service will be greatly welcomed by both passengers and employees.

For passengers, the service is designed to speed up the check-in process and also make the time they spend at the airport less stressful.

For employees, the service will offer a seamless check-in process that previously involved a variety of operating systems and printed documents to answer inquiries like baggage pickup for connecting international flights, seat upgrade requests, and the location of an airport lounge at the destination.

The pilot runs on an AI platform that combines various AI engines, business processes, and data sources as a hub to generate and continuously improve responses– all designed to help JAL transform how customer service is delivered. The platform’s flexibility and agility are expected to help further accelerate JAL’s business growth.

To create the platform, Accenture drew on AI capabilities from Accenture Applied Intelligence as well as agile project development methods and airline expertise from Accenture’s Travel consulting group.

Accenture Applied Intelligence, part of Accenture Digital, applies artificial intelligence and human ingenuity at the core of business to help clients solve their most complex business problems. By deploying AI responsibly and combining it with our deep industry and analytics expertise, we enable the digital transformation of organizations, extend human capabilities, and make intelligent products and services a reality.

About Japan Airlines (JL)

Japan Airlines is the second largest airline in Japan after All Nippon Airways. It is headquartered in Tokyo.

Routes: JAL flies to 52 countries and covers all continents.

Fleet: In March 2019, JAL Group had 231 aircraft, comprising:

  • 4 ATR42
  • 36 Boeing 787
  • 40 Boeing 777
  • 35 Boeing 767
  • 65 Boeing 737
  • 17 Embraer 170
  • 12 Embraer 190
  • 12 BombardierDHC8
  • 10 Saab 340B

Alliance: oneworld

N.B. Image credit: Japan Airlines (JAL)

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