EL AL Taxi Pool enables passengers to share taxis

Passengers share taxis from airport to hotel

The service, called Taxi Pool, is the first of its kind in the aviation world. It will enable passengers to find other passengers with whom to share a ride between the airport and their hotels and back to the airport, substantially lowering their travel expenses.

This new service is a response to frequent complaints voiced by tourists about the high cost of travel between airport and hotels.

Passengers on a flight can register for the service on a special mobile site. The service helps to find additional passengers arriving at the same airport at the same time with whom they can share a taxi as they continue to destinations in same area in the city, such as hotels or private addresses.

The service is provided by EL AL to passengers of all airlines, so that those flying with other airlines, all over the world, can make use of the service to find passengers landing at the same time and continue with them to the same hotel or to a nearby address.

How it works

Passengers who want to use the service enter the app and fill in details such as flight number and date of flight, address or hotel at the destination, an email address and telephone number.

When a match is found, each of the passengers receives a text message or email including a link to a secure and anonymous chat room.

From this stage, and after the connection has been made between two passengers, all other arrangements and details are worked out by the passengers, through the chat: meeting point at the airport, ordering a taxi, sharing costs, etc.

It is important to note that the information is not sent to other passengers who sign up for the service.

Amir Rugovsky, Vice President Customer Service :

“As part of our efforts to understand our customers’ needs, we found an efficient, quality solution for many passengers. In addition to the high monetary expenses involved in traveling, they are forced to spend hundreds more shekels or dollars for transportation to and from their hotels.”

Shachar Markovitz, EL AL Chief Digital and Information Officer:

“This service is another innovative concept in which the airline is introducing and continually improving new digital products. The product was quickly launched like a startup-like and it will continue to develop as more customers use it.”

N.B. Image credit: pexels.com

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