LAX starts self bag drop tests

Passengers with Asiana, Cathay Pacific and Norwegian can take part in the trial

Passengers leaving Los Angeles with Asiana, Cathay Pacific and Norwegian can take part in a trial of self-service bag drop.

SAS are joining soon and, if successful, the trial will expand to include Air France, British Airways, EVA, Korean and Singapore Air.

LAX are late to the self bag drop revolution and seem cautious to introduce it. The test is expected to last four to eight months.

How it works. 

Passengers print their bag tags using either the common-use self-service kiosks located near the front of the ticketing lobby or a smaller “Tag & Fly” unit installed in front of the bag-drop area.

Once their bags are tagged, passengers will go to the “Drop & Fly” bag-drop unit, which includes a conveyor belt to take bags to the main bag intake system.

LAWA will be monitoring the system for processing times, the number of successful transactions and the number and types of failures, which could include both technical problems and user-generated errors. This data will be used to evaluate and refine the program.

N.B. Image credit: Los Angeles World Airports (LAX)

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