United touchless bagtag printing now in use at most US airports

Now at over 200 US airports

United Airlines has now installed touchless baggage check-in at all of the U.S. airports in which it owns kiosks. That’s about 220 airports.

Passengers print bag tags by scanning a mobile or printed boarding pass at a self-service check-in kiosk without touching the screen. It works by a software update to United’s existing self-service kiosks.

Before using the kiosks passengers have to check-in and pay any baggage charges. They also have to get their boarding pass, mobile or paper, before using the kiosk.

They can then scan the mobile or printed boarding pass in a slot just below the kiosk screen. The kiosk then prints the bag tags automatically. Passengers then take their bags to the bag drop as usual.

The kiosk prints bag tags associated with the name on the boarding pass. So other passengers in a group will have to scan their boarding passes as well

Not all kiosks are touchless. So those that are are identified by the words “Touchless check-in” on their screens or by signs at the airport.

United started using touchless bag check-in on a trial basis on May 10 in Boston, Chicago O’Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth and Orlando.

The carrier will continue adding more stations in U.S. and international airports though July.

Reducing touchpoints throughout the journey

United’s touchless bag kiosks are in line with the industry’s aim of reducing touchpoints everywhere on the passenger trip. Pre-trip, In-trip and Post-Trip.

The main ways to do this are:

  • through online check-in before departure
  • use of self check-in kiosks and bag drop
  • home-printed bag tags
  • greater use of biometric e-gates
  • boarding card reading at departure gates

N.B. Image credit: United

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