Norwegian airports to roll out contactless check-in and bagdrop

Using contactless to limit impact of COVID-19

Seventeen Norwegian airports are getting contactless check-in and bagdrop.

Avinor, the firm operating Norway’s 44 state-owned airports, is rolling out the contactless programme to tackle the impact of COVID-19 and help restore passenger confidence ahead of Norway’s summer season.

The rollout started with Oslo on 06th July and will be followed by Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim with the other smaller airports coming later.

Passengers travelling from these airports can soon check-in, drop their bags, pass through security, and board the aircraft without needing to interact with a human or touch a physical machine.

How it works

A passenger checks-in for a flight remotely and gets a boarding pass barcode sent to their mobile phone, which also is used to print the passenger’s bag tag.

At the airport the passenger scans the barcode at a self-service kiosk that automatically prints the tag.

The passenger attaches the tag to the bag and then deposits the bag into the baggage system.

Avinor’s in-house team re-engineered their existing self-service bagdrop units to make the process contactless.

Avinor airports already offer contactless boarding, with passengers able to present their boarding pass stored on their phone to board the aircraft.

The new contactless system will be available initially at Norway’s four hub airports:

  • Oslo
  • Bergen
  • Stavanger
  • Trondheim

Oslo begins on 06 July, followed soon after by the other three.

Eventually, seventeen airports will be upgraded to the new contactless process.

The service will be available initially for passengers flying on the national carriers; SAS, Norwegian Air and Widerøe.

Avinor worked with ICM to develop the contactless system.

N.B. Image credit: Avinor Oslo lufthavn/Espen Solli

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