Lufthansa touchless bag recovery

Passengers can do the lost bag report on their mobile

Possibly the absolute pits for airline passengers and workers is the lost baggage desk.

Absolutely no passenger wants to go near there. Everyone dreads going to the lost (sorry – delayed ) bag desk and going thru the rigmarole required there.

So the Lufthansa Group of airlines has now launched a touchless way for passengers to report delayed baggage from their mobile device.

The Group use a system called WorldTracer Self Service, run by airline system giant SITA.

Using WorldTracer Self Service, passengers can file a missing bag report in a few minutes by submitting their flight, baggage and passenger details in four easy steps.

SITA says that WorldTracer Self Service saves airlines on average $10 for every mishandled bag reported.

Passengers can track their bags at every step from when the bag is recovered to when it is handed over to a courier and delivered to their door.

Stefan Kapactsis, Director Digital Ground Services at Lufthansa Group:

“Fortunately, delayed bags are very rare. But in case this happens, we want to provide a comfortable and easy recovery experience – without waiting at the belt, queueing at the Lost & Found counter or calling the baggage hotline to trace the bag. We are proud that, with this new digital solution, we can provide this improved experience to our passengers.”

Lufthansa now offers the service at Munich and Frankfurt and will be rolling it out worldwide over the next few months.

The service is available for Lufthansa passengers and will soon be available for all SWISS and Austrian Airlines passengers.


More than 2,100 airports are using SITA’s WorldTracer service to trace mishandled baggage.


The 2020 SITA Baggage Report shows that while the number of mishandled bags across the industry was 45.8 per cent from 46.9 million in 2007 to 25.4 million in 2019, the cost to the industry was still US$2.5 billion last year.

WorldTracer Self Service saves airlines on average $10 for every mishandled bag reported.

In 2017, Fraport introduced  SITA’s WorldTracer® TabletThis allows agents to an iPad to help trace passengers bags.

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