AirAsia to add more biometrics across its network

Touchless ID and passenger clearance

AirAsia is working with Vision-Box to introduce touchless identification and clearance.

In February 2018 AirAsia unveiled its Fast Airport Clearance Experience System (FACES) system – a facial recognition system with self-boarding gate, at Senai International Airport, Johor Bahru.

Fully owned and operated by AirAsia, FACES uses facial recognition technology to identify enrolled passengers as they approach the self boarding gate, allowing them to board their flight without having to present any travel documents.

Now AirAsia is working with Vision-Box to realise the next step in providing touchless identification and passenger clearance.  Further enhancing their digital identity management strategy across the AirAsia Group will improve the passenger experience with a single enrolment for services at key passenger process points.

The announcement by Vision-Box says the new work combines the following:

  • Delivery of F.A.C.E.S (Fast Airport Clearance Experience System) – A touchless identification and clearance platform designed for mobile check-in to  enhance the passenger experience at the airport.
  • Network wide Digital Identity Management – A collaborative development to drive organizational data ecosystem expansion and technology enablers across AirAsia’s travel and finance platforms.
  • Deployment of seamless touchless and contactless experience traveller points across AirAsia’s 24 travel hubs to include:
    • Mobile Digital ID enrolment.
    • Biometric Facial Recognition devices at check-in (FACES)
    • Automated bag-drop self-service.
    • Roving VPoD for temperature checks.
    • Security and Boarding VPoD for seamless traveller identification and clearance.

In May 2020 AirAsia introduced several contactless systems at airports in Asia.

N.B. Image credit: AirAsia

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