United Airlines restarts 737 MAX flights

United Airlines is the second U.S. airline, after American, to restart flights with the Boeing 737 MAX.

The airline used the aircraft on a flight between Denver and Houston on 11 February. The same day, the MAX operated flights between Houston and Anchorage, Alaska and Houston and Austin, Texas.

The Chicago-based airline plans to operate about 550 flights with the 737 MAX this month and about 2,000 in March.

The MAX 9 aircraft are now operating between our Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport and five cities, including Anchorage, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, San Diego and Austin.

United expects to have 10 737 MAX aircraft in its fleet by the end of this year.

United wants its passengers to feel completely confident that their 737 MAX aircraft are as safe as any aircraft flying today. So if a passenger finds they are on a 737 MAX, United is allowing them to change or cancel at no cost.

United has an excellent page about the safety of the 737 MAX.

American Airlines restarted flights in December with the 737 MAX. Southwest Airlines and Alaska Airlines are expected to resume Max flights next month.

The first European flight looks like being with Czech-airline Smartwings on 25 February.

Brazilian-airline GOL was the first to restart flights last year.

N.B. Image credit: United

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