Security robot to start patrol at Kansai Terminal 2

The robots can patrol for 3 hours without charge

An autonomous patrolling robot is starting work at Terminal 2 (domestic areas) of Kansai International Airport (KIX) as well as the airport’s railway station.

The Secom Robot X2 is starting its patrols on 25 October.

The surveillance robot can autonomously navigate patrol routes, using a laser sensor to identify its location. Capturing images with its built-in cameras, it is also capable of monitoring various areas.

The robot is pretty hefty, weighing 230 kg. It is 1.22 metres tall (about 4 feet), 0.84 metres wides (nearly 3 feet) and 1.120 metres long. (nearly 4 feet).

It moves at a maximum 4 km per hour and can operate for 3 hours without charge.

It comes with an array of sensors: Laser sensor, stereo camera, 360-degree camera, PTZ camera, ultrasonic sensor, bumper sensor, PSD sensor, internal temperature, battery temperature sensor. It also has a warning voice and lamp.

Passengers will definitely notice the thing.

Kansai Airport will be using the Secom Robot X2 alongside human security guards.


The patrolling robots comes from Japanese security company SECOM.

N.B. Image credit: Kansai Airports

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